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The Michael Mulhall Foundation accomplishes its mission by partnering with organizations that specialize in special needs care to identify individual families in need of financial assistance. Once identified, The MMF makes direct monetary contributions to address each family’s specific need.    

In 2016, The MMF financed the construction of 3 wheelchair ramps for patients of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children while also purchasing a custom mobility scooter for one of the children.

In 2017, The MMF continued its partnership with St. Mary's while establishing two new partnerships with The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Long Island's Share The Voice. In total, The Michael Mulhall Foundation:

  • Purchased 3 custom made wheelchairs for children of St. Mary's

  • Financed the installation of a special access ramp for a St. Mary's family

  • Purchased 2 mobility tricycles for families of CHOP

  • Financed the purchase and installation of 2 stairlifts for families of CHOP

  • Purchased 5 mobility tricycles for children of Long Island, in partnership with Share the Voice

Here's a sample of our work from 2017:


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